52 Blog Posts with Travel Ideas for Older Adults

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by Assisted Living Staff on July 29, 2010

For many couples and individuals the passing of the years open the doors to more and more possibilities for excitement and exploration. With the advent of retirement age many people find themselves excited to take off and discover new horizons as they join the surge of senior travellers touring the world.

The older adult traveller can enjoy a number of benefits not available to their younger counterparts, who are restricted by the demands of their work and family.The more mature traveller may find it helpful to carry out some research before setting off so as to avoid any surprises along the way.

  1. Vagabonding for Seniors Guide to minimalist travel with specific links for seniors.
  2. Finding wheelchair friendly destinations Advice on finding accommodation for those who are less mobile.
  3. Cruising News for the Young at Heart Information on taking to the seas on cruises for older adult travellers.
  4. Planning for Pit Stops Humorous take on travel from one savvy senior citizen.
  5. On the road to the Opera Seasoned senior combines travel tales with popular past-60 pastime.
  6. Mature musings on France An older lady’s experiences while exploring in Europe.
  7. Life on the Road after Retirement Retired couple share tales from their motor home as they tour.
  8. Africa Adventure for the Over 50s Discover the delights of this diverse continent.
  9. How to Afford Travel after Retirement Tips for affording post-retirement holidays or that trip of a lifetime.
  10. Going all Inclusive – The Perfect Choice for Retirees Why mature people should not be afraid of the all inclusive holiday choice.
  11. How to Afford the European Option Hints and tips to make European travel affordable for seniors
  12. Travel Ideas for the Older Adult Inspiration for intrepid older explorers.
  13. Top Tours for the Older Traveller Popular planned routes often used by the older adult traveller.
  14. Why Seniors Choose to Cruise The ‘floating hotel’ holiday offers a range of benefits over traditional tours.
  15. Safari for Seniors African adventures offered for older travellers –wildlife spotting and the experience of a lifetime.
  16. Tips and Tricks for the Older Adventurer Advice for the more mature person heading off on an expedition.
  17. Baby Boomer Travel Blog Hear advice and experiences from a seasoned senior traveller.
  18. Advice from Experienced Travel Agents The inside knowledge older travellers need for a smooth getaway.
  19. Mature Lady Traveller Tells All Firsthand experiences of life on the open road from a well travelled woman.
  20. The Senior Education Vacation Older travellers offered the opportunity to enhance their education with special residential courses geared towards the more mature
  21. Retirement Trekking Read all about one older blogger’s exciting adventure experiences in the open air.
  22. Pensioners on Planes Air travel tips for the older tourist helping the trip go smoothly from departure to arrival and everything in between.
  23. Travelling Tips for the Older Adult Helping the more mature explorer stay safe away from home so they can enjoy their adventure.
  24. Retirement Travel Advice Travel resources, tips and tricks for retirees.
  25. Advice on Travelling with the Elderly in Europe Help and advice on how to enjoy this ancient continent alongside seniors and older adults.
  26. Travel Tips for Carers of Senior Citizens Advice and ideas to help carers and their charges enjoy adventures together.
  27. Healthcare Help for Mature Travellers Careful planning means health issues need not affect international explorations for the adventurous senior.
  28. Before Setting Off Pre-departure checklist for the older adult traveller
  29. Selected Tours for Seniors A round up of some of the interesting itineraries available to the older traveller.
  30. Finding Destinations for those with Limited Mobility Niche travel companies catering for the older adult traveller with mobility issues.
  31. Helpful Hints for the Older Traveller Agent offer handy device for older adult travellers
  32. Juniors and Seniors on a Journey Together Advice for Families travelling in a group with seniors and youngsters.
  33. Senior Skiing Find out about discounts and deals for the silver skier
  34. Older adults on the Road RV lifestyle site for those taking off into the sunset to enjoy their golden years
  35. Destinations for the Senior Citizen Popular places for older adult travellers to visit in their retirement years.
  36. Travelling with Grandma A blog exploring the joys of multi-generational journeying
  37. Silver Scholars! Educational exploration ideas for older travellers interested in all areas.
  38. Retired Backpackers Fuss free travel for the older adult market.
  39. Older Explorers Round the World Trips Circumnavigating the globe in the golden years is a popular option.
  40. China Travel tips for Seniors Explore the orient as an older traveller and discover China with confidence.
  41. Challenges for Older Adventurers Agent offering excursions integrating the expectations of old and young
  42. Trip Planning for the Mature Tourist Seasoned senior itinerant offers indispensible advice.
  43. Senior Citizens Getaway Guide Tips and tricks helping older travellers achieve a smooth getaway.
  44. Accommodation for the Older Adult Interesting home stay and bed and breakfast options for older explorers
  45. Destination and Itinerary Ideas for the Older Adult Suggestions for exciting and inspirational itineraries for the more mature traveller.
  46. Senior Citizen Tips for Travelling Things the older traveller should know before they go.
  47. Seniors Travel Help Online advice resources for the older adult travel community
  48. Discounts, Doctors, Passports and Packing All the older traveller ever needs to know before they go.
  49. Exploration Options for the Older Adult Traveller Types of trips on offer to the explorer of a certain age.
  50. Savvy Seniors Save on Travel Tips for travel with a tighter budget including offseason and volunteering options.
  51. Destinations for the Older Adult Traveller Areas to aim for when travelling as an older adult.
  52. Trip Planning Resources Handy sites and organisations suggested for seniors  and tried and tested by travel writers.

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