Typical Daily Schedule at Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities have become popular as a way for senior citizens to make the transition from their own homes to group living before they need nursing homes. In most facilities, residents have their own apartments but also have access to a trained staff that provides many services. People in assisted living facilities may need some assistance with daily activities like meals, baths, laundry, housekeeping or tracking medications. Some facilities have individual service plans for each person. Others rely on the residents themselves to choose services and activities that they need or want.

Daily schedules at assisted living facilities are as varied as the types of buildings that house them. Some activities are fairly set from day to day or week to week. Most facilities use a monthly calendar to remind residents of what is available. Facilities generally offer three meals a day and snacks during the day. Meals are served in a central dining room and may also be offered in apartments. Other than meals, the typical day may vary each day of the week, with some regular and some special events.

Typically, each day of the week might look like this:
Monday – breakfast, medical appointments, exercise classes, lunch, classes, dinner, bingo
Tuesday – breakfast, exercise classes, lunch, shopping, library groups, dinner, music, bridge, church service
Wednesday – breakfast, exercise classes, lunch, card games, Bible study, dinner, poker night
Thursday – breakfast, exercise classes, lunch out, shopping, dinner, games
Friday – breakfast, exercise classes, lunch, mall and bank, book clubs, dinner, family visits
Saturday – meals, casual activities, field trips, movie, social events, family visits
Sunday – breakfast, church services, brunch, family visits, dinner, speakers or entertainment

Classes at assisted living facilities are usually offered daily during the week and may be taught by residents or experts from the community. Topics may include computers, art, woodworking, ceramics, gardening, health or music, with dedicated areas and required equipment and supplies available to those interested. Exercise classes are very popular, and most facilities have fitness centers, pools and even walking trails for a variety of exercise options. Yoga, water aerobics, chair exercises and other modified exercises are appropriate for seniors. Games are a great way to stimulate the mind and daily choices may include bingo, canasta, bridge, poker, billiards, puzzles and board games played in the commons area or recreation room of the facility. In the library, residents can meet for book clubs and reviews, news and current event groups, or just to select books and read. Most facilities offer religious services and Bible studies during the week and on weekends.

Daily activities will also include trips into the community. Assisted living facilities offer regularly scheduled transportation to medical appointments, banks and malls, other shopping areas, churches and even restaurants. Transportation may also be provided to community events and meetings and for specially arranged field trips to the public library, a botanical garden or museum.

Weekends are generally less scheduled, with time for casual actitivies, exercise, and family visits. Many facilities have salons and spas so residents can make appointments for hair styling, manicures, pedicures and massages. Facilities with vegetable or flower gardens encourage residents to enjoy fresh air while working with staff gardeners. Movies are another popular weekend feature that facilities can offer in-house. Some facilities sponsor dances with residents supplying the music. Game tournaments are fun weekend diversions. Scrabble, Trivial Pursuits and other mind games can be played in teams for special prizes. Sundays usually include church services, brunch and leisurely afternoons. Sunday evenings may be the designated time for community presentations, chapel services, discussion groups, or entertainment.